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013 Unyielding Fire

agamblin/ December 22, 2016/ Piece/ 0 comments

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. 11″x14″x.5″ This piece was inspired by the Naples mega volcano waking up and beginning to prepare for eruption. In this piece, Allison Gamblin explores the overwhelming power of nature’s destructive forces. Featuring strong movement and fire, ‘Unyielding Fire’ is an emotional piece that is sure to attract attention in any setting. Keywords: volcano, yellow, brown, city,

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Facial Study

agamblin/ December 19, 2016/ Piece/ 0 comments

“Facial Study” Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. “Facial Study” is a small piece that was done in preparation for working on a larger painting regarding mental health, specifically someone with D.I.D. or multiple personality disorder. As an artist who has D.I.D., Allison Gamblin is in a unique way able to attempt to communicate what having such an uncommon disorder is like.

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