Printable: How To Sort Laundry Chart

Allison GamblinEver wanted to get your family to actually use your sorting system for laundry? Tired of getting them to do their own laundry and then finding out they actually thought red ‘couldn’t possibly make whites pink’?

I’ve even found my bras in the DRYER! I just about passed out from the heart attack. Especially since I’d just paid a nice chunk [even with a deal!] for those things.

You Just Can’t Get Good Help These Days

Well after quite a talking to, it became apparent that my family needed to actually understand my type-A laundry style. So I promised to find and print a chart. Except that there don’t seem to be any that aren’t simply explaining that no, you really have to put the soap in, and yes you have to fold and put away after. Not that I do. It’s not part of my job description.

So, being me, I made a chart and now you can print it out too!


How To Sort Laundry

Ever since the dawn of time (or maybe just the dawn of ‘mooooom, I’m out of sooooocks!’), moms have been trying to convince their families that you can’t just throw everything in the washer. So here are the simple and fast rules for laundry sorting.

1. Sort your clothes by color. This means darks and whites don’t mix. Brights are divided into your blues, greens, yellows, and light oranges. Pastels go in their own pile. And reds, pinks, and purples get put in their own pile. AND NEVER machine wash anything that says ‘dry clean only’!! You can permanently damage your washer and the clothing.

2. Once you have the clothes color sorted, each color gets divided into piles based on the weight of the material. For instance, you wouldn’t want to wash a bright red set of jeans with a soft red t-shirt. It’s just a recipe for disaster.

3. If you use a soap that is homemade, you can probably just toss each pile in the washing machine with the soap and be safe. If you use a store-bought detergent, follow the instructions on your detergent for best use. Make sure you choose the machine cycle that best applies to your machine and your clothing pile.

4. And finally, once your load of laundry is done washing, transfer it to the dryer, air dry, or lay it to dry flat as the clothing directions state.

So there you have it. Download this printable and hang it somewhere in the laundry room and you’ll never be confused again!

Let me know if you use this chart or if you have one of your own when you comment!


  1. Scott B says

    This seems pretty useful! Especially since the rules for separating laundry have long escaped me….