DIY Storage Box

Items List for DIY BoxIf you have a couple extra Amazon shipping boxes laying around, you can easily manage this DIY Storage Box.

Item List

You will need a box, a roll of cling paper in your preferred style, a pair of scissors, packing tape, a pencil, a ruler, and whatever label you choose to use.

Project Level: Easy to Low Intermediate


      1. Choose which end of the box you wish to be the bottom. Tape the ends and reinforce your edges.Cut off trangles
      2. Using the ruler, mark a spot on the box 3-5 inches up from the bottom of the box, on the far right edge. This will determine the lowest point of the angle cut. Flip the box over and repeat on the opposite side. When you connect these two lines, you should have a straight line that bisects the narrow edge of your box.
      3. Flip the box over towards you and draw a line from the top left edge to the mark you made first. This line will be your cutting edge. Repeat on opposite side of the box. You should now have a triangle marked out on either wide side of the box.
      4. Using your scissors [or an exactor knife], cut along the three lines you’ve created. You may need to cut more depending on how the box was previously constructed.
      5. Check that your edges are as smooth as possible, then align the box on the back of the cling paper [image should be down towards your work surface].
      6. Trace a line on the cling paper that runs along the edge of your cut box. This is your ‘home base’. All other lines created need to be in relation to this area.
      7. Maintain the location of the box’s bottom right edge, and rotate clockwise so that it is up on it’s ‘spine’ [like a book]. Trace a dotted line down the right edge of the spine. This will be a folding line.
      8. Rotate the box clockwise while maintaining the location of the bottom right edge. Your box should now be in a mirror image position of step 6.
      9. Trace the box from this position with a dotted line.
      10. Remove the box from the tracing paper. You should have a trapezoid traced onto the paper.
      11. Add 2 inches of space around all edges except the line that you drew for the bottom of the box. This should give you a halo of space that you will use to cover the cut edges of the box. Increase or decrease that 2 inches as necessary.
      12. Measure the bottom width of your box [the edge it will rest on in final form]. Divide by two. Add half an inch to this new number. This is the amount of ‘halo’ you need to add to the bottom line of your tracing.DIY Storage Box
      13. Cut along the outer edge of your Halo tracing [NOT the box tracing].

        Spine of Box

        Spine of Box

      14. You should now see only one traced line on your cut paper as the halo line will be gone.
      15. Slowly adhere the cling paper using the ‘home base’ lines as a guide. Do this slowly so that you can eliminate air bubbles and avoid tears.
      16. You may find it necessary to nip and tuck at corners to help the cling paper fold properly.
      17. Use a hospital bed type corner method when folding along edges and creating corners.
      18. You should now have a tightly covered box that looks similar to a magazine holder. Tape any edges of the cling paper that seem to be loose.2013-02-11 10.07.53
      19. Fill and label your box.
      20. Use for storage. Way to UpCycle!


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    Excellent! I needed to buy some more of these storage boxes for magazines, but now that I see this I think I’ll try your method!

    I might also just add wrapping paper to the ones I have too. Great idea!
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